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10 Easy & Engaging March crafts for Kids

march crafts for kids

Welcome, March! 

As winter fades and spring whispers its promises, what better way to embrace the changing seasons than with a burst of creativity with march crafts for kids? Engaging your little ones in fun crafting activities not only ignites their imaginations but also provides precious moments of bonding and learning. 

With March upon us, we have curated a delightful collection of 10 easy march crafts for kids. From serene beaches to blooming flowers, these projects are sure to inspire wonder and laughter, transforming ordinary days into unforgettable adventures. So, gather your supplies, roll up your sleeves, and let the crafting magic begin!

March crafts for Kids

1. Scribbler ART

scribbler art

Provide kids with different drawing tools such as crayons, markers or pastels with various types of paper like construction paper or sketch paper. Let the kids scribble different march theme ideas such as spring rain shower, rainbows or march winds and encourage them to experiment with different techniques such as blending colors, creating patterns or layering textures. This march art enhances creativity, cognitive development, refines fine motor skills and encourages kids to be in the present moment. Also, introduce kids with the art of famous artists like Jackson Pollock or Wassily Kandinsky for inspiration.

You can also let the kids work on scribbler paint by numbers as this kit has multiple benefits and is suitable for beginner artists.

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2. Cat March Art

3D paper cats craft for march

Consider creating 3D paper cats and paste them in front of a march themed background. Cut out cat shapes from cardstock or foam sheets, then fold them along the middle and attach them to a cardboard base to make them stand upright. You can add a background with rainbows and flowers or you can paste a mini paper floral tiara on the head of your paper cat. Decorate the cat with glitter, sequins or fabric scraps to make your cat art unique. Such march crafts for kids will enhance sensory processing skills, patience, fine motor skills and spatial awareness among the kids.

Creating cat paintings can help better understand the profile of a cat which can help in creating a better paper craft. You can get a cat painting by numbers kit for kids also.

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 3. Dinosaur Clay Fossils 

Dinosaur Clay Fossils

Creating dinosaur fossils with clay can be an interesting craft for the little ones, imagine turning this craft into a hands-on learning activity by discussing different dinosaur species and their characteristics. This will not just enhance their skills but also increase their knowledge about dinosaurs. After making the fossils, encourage the kids to identify the dinosaur as per the fossil’s shape and size. Transform this craft into a march themed social activity for kids by creating a mini excavation site, bury the fossils in a tray of sand and let the kids dig them up like paleontologists. 

You can enhance the experience of creating a mini excavation site by adding dinosaur paint by number kits in the background.

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4. Beach Sensory Bottle

Beach Sensory Bottle

This calming march crafts for kids not only provides a multisensory experience but also improves the ability to stay on tasks. Let the kids pour a layer of sand into the bottom of a bottle, place small seashells on top of the sand to showcase a beachscape. Sprinkle glitter or sequins into the bottle to represent the sparkling water. Also place plastic figurines of aquatic animals and carefully fill the bottle with water mixed with hair gel or clear glue. Let the kids shake the bottle gently and watch as the things swirl around like waves crashing on the shore.

Encourage the kids to make a list of things required to create a beachy sensory bottle, give them a beach painting by number kit and let them surmise the colors and other materials they might need, by painting a beach scene.

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5. Wolf Puppets & Masks

wolf masks

Create wolf puppets using paper bags or make wolf masks using paper plates or cardboard with the kids. Let them cut a shape depicting a mask, provide a template for the mask ears and facial features. Let the kids decorate their masks with paint, markers or crayons. You can also give cotton balls or tissue paper for extra detailing like fur texture. After creating the mask, ask the kids to create a story on wolf and march themed elements such as spring flowers, nesting birds or rain. Such march crafts for kids can be a useful prop in improving narrative skills, self confidence and creativity.

You can also organize a wolf painting activity using paint by number kits after the story narration.

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6. Anime Bookmarks

anime bookmarks

Let the kids create march themed bookmarks on their favorite anime character and decorate it with the material depicting the month. Ask them to add personalized touches like their name or favorite quotes from their favorite anime series. The kids can either paste their anime bookmarks in their books or they can gift the bookmark to their friends. An image of their favorite character inside their book will motivate the kids to read more frequently, while encouraging organization and responsibility. And sharing anime bookmarks with friends will create opportunities for social connection and bonding.

In case your kids are anime otaku and love watching anime characters, gift them anime paint by numbers kits and watch their faces light up with joy.

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7. Landscape Collage

landscape collage

To create landscape collage as march arts and crafts for kids, plan a treasure hunt by hiding the materials such as tissue paper, fabric scraps, flowers or magazine clippings. Ask the kids to find the materials before beginning their landscape collage. This will increase the fun and make the craft more interesting. Once the materials are arranged encourage them to think about perspective and composition to create a beautiful landscape giving the glimpse of the March month. For inspiration, show them the art of famous landscape artists like Claude Monet or Georgia O’Keeffe.

Give your kid an easy landscape painting by number kit, if your kid wants to create a painting instead of collage.

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8. Paper Peonies

Paper Peonies march craft for kids

Paper peonies, march crafts for kids that highlight the season of spring are perfect for march art projects. Take several cupcake liners and stack them together. With scissors, cut petal shapes around the edges of the stacked cupcake liners.Experiment with different cupcake liner sizes and colors to create peonies of varying shapes and hues. Attach a floral wire to create a stem and arrange the paper peonies in a vase. This art is a stress relieving and relaxing activity that promotes problem solving skills, patience and persistence in children.

If your child loves this King of flower and crafting paper peonies for his/her room is not enough. Then the peony paint by numbers kits are here for you. Let your child adorn the walls with the majestic peony.

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9. Abstract Gallery Exhibition

Abstract painting Exhibition

Abstract art can foster emotional expression, enhance visual literacy and promote mindfulness among children. The kids can create abstract art using different tools like combs, sponges or even toy fly swatters to make texture, pattern and forms in a unique way.  Encourage kids to explore the concept of abstraction by focusing on color and expression rather than realistic representation. You can also organize a march art exhibition showcasing the abstract creation of your child and invite family or friends to admire the paintings. The exhibition will not only motivate your kid but also give them a sense of accomplishment.

Abstract paint by numbers kits, a cheat canvas to help your kid in case your eye candy is just a beginner in the world of art. Don’t hesitate to help them take their baby steps towards abstract art!

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10. Chibi Totoro Plushies

Chibi Totoro Plushies

If  your kid loves the character “Chibi Totoro” and can’t have enough of their adorable antics and cuddly charm then creating Chibi Totoro plushies will surely bring a smile to your face. Help your kid in making their favorite plushies and ask them to decorate it in march theme using fabric glue and other materials. Also fill the plushies with scented potpourri or dried lavender for a calming aroma. Attach a small loop of ribbon or string to the top of each plushie to turn them into ornaments or keychains. The plushies crafts for march will promote relaxation, stimulate the senses and nurture their skills.

You can also organize a painting activity for your child with Chibi Totoro paint by numbers kits.

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Final Thoughts!

scribbler paint

As March bids farewell and spring begins to bloom, these 10 easy march craft ideas offer more than just entertainment—they foster creativity, strengthen bonds, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. So as you wrap up these fun filled march arts and crafts activities with your little ones, remember that the true magic lies not just in the results, but in the joyous moments shared and the skills nurtured along the way. Here’s to a month filled with laughter, creativity, and endless possibilities!

In the meantime, take a moment to explore the captivating March theme paint by numbers collection at Art of Paint by Numbers today!