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Scribbler ARTherapy – How Scribbler Paint by Numbers Unlocks the Healing Power of Art?

Scribbler ARTherapy - How Scribbler Paint by Numbers Unlocks the Healing Power of Art?

“Art therapy is where the heart, mind, and colors come together to paint a journey of healing and self-discovery.”
Are you looking for a new way to unlock the healing power of art? Try, Scribbler paint by number! A new avenue for art lovers looking for not just entertainment but the perfect way to unleash the therapeutic benefits. With this, one can easily express their creativity while achieving mindfulness, emotional release and personal development.

In this blog post, we will explore the ways with which scribbler paint by numbers taps into human creative expression to facilitate healing processes. Throughout the exploration, we can uncover the artistic revelations brought by this extraordinary medium. Join us on this transformative journey towards self-discovery through the therapeutic power of art.

Scribbler painting & Scribbler paint by number: An overview

Scribbler painting refers to the technique of creating painting while incorporating elements of scribbling. In this artistic endeavour, the uncontrolled brush strokes creates a sense of energy, movement and expression in a painting. The unrestrained nature of this approach allows for unexpected forms to emerge on the canvas, resulting in unique visual narratives that challenge traditional notions of representation. In essence, scribbler painting represents a bold departure from constrictive rules towards uninhibited creativity; it encourages artists to explore new horizons while captivating audiences through its distinct sense of freedom.

A scribbler paint by numbers kit is specifically designed to cater the needs of people who are beginner artists looking to create a masterpiece while treating this activity not only for leisure but for its calming benefits as well. This scribbler art therapy paint by number is created while keeping in mind the allure, techniques, colors and uncontrolled brush strokes of scribbler painting. This painting is available in varied sizes to fit the requirement of the artist and in order to commence this therapeutic journey one just needs to procure the kit from a reliable source.

Galaxy anime girl paintingScribbler ARTherapy – Pier
Size(s)30X40 / 40X50 / 50X60 / 60X70 / 60X80
FrameWithout / DIY / Assembled
KitThe Galaxy anime girl kit contains:

  • Numbered linen canvas
  • 3 Different sized brushes in nylon
  • Numbered pots of acrylic paint
  • A miniature photo of the art work to
  • guide you during the process

Scribbler ARTherapy

Scribbler ARTherapy is a creative pursuit which encourages individuals to engage in spontaneous and unstructured scribbling. This activity can help them process their emotions, alleviate stress and promote well being. The nature of this art therapy is to provide a unique outlet for individuals to communicate and release emotions that might be difficult to express verbally. By delving deep into their inner world during Scribbler art therapy sessions, participants have the opportunity to explore hidden thoughts and experiences while cultivating mindfulness. This profound level of introspection not only promotes personal growth but also empowers individuals with valuable tools for self-discovery.

Benefits of scribbler paint by number kits

1. Embracing Creativity with scribbler paint:

Scribbler Paint presents a safe and accepting environment where people can openly articulate their sentiments and ideas. Art has proven to be an effective vehicle for individuals grappling with anxiety, stress, or trauma as it offers them an avenue through which they can channel suppressed emotions and confront challenging feelings. The simple act of scribbling, painting, or doodling acts as a therapeutic release by providing profound solace and alleviating emotional distress.

Embracing Creativity painting

2. Fostering Mindfulness with scribbler ARTherapy:

Scribbler paint by number can motivate people to cultivate mindfulness and relaxation. By participating in this activity one requires concentration and focus which helps in fostering a state of mindfulness among people. This paint by number kits also enable people to enter into a flow state where their day to day worries leave them temporarily, leaving the person actively present in the current moment. This meditative experience leads to stress reduction and promotes overall relaxation.

3. Enhancing Self-Expression and Communication:

There are individuals who find it difficult or have limitations in expressing their emotions verbally. Scribbler Paint serves as a solution to address this challenge by offering an alternative method of communication. Through paint by numbers art, people can effectively communicate complex emotions, thoughts, and experiences through visual forms that are easier to understand and share with others. This enhanced self-expression fosters stronger emotional connections with loved ones.

 Enhancing Self-Expression painting

4. Scribbler paint by number empowers personal growth:

The act of creating a scribbler paint by number helps the person to experiment, accept mistakes and discover innovative approaches. This fosters an attitude to become more flexible and adaptable with each and every brush stroke. As one witnesses their artistic abilities develop over time, there is often an accompanying boost in self-confidence.

5. Building a Supportive Community:

Scribbler paint by number breaches the traditional concept of art communities and forges individuals to push forth their limit to come together and share their artistic endeavour, personal narratives, challenges and hurdles. Such communities can easily alleviate the feelings of solitude and provide an invaluable sense of inclusion. With this people not only meet with like minded creators but it also provides a vital support network to individuals.

Building a Supportive Painting

Is  Scribbler ARTherapy suitable for beginners?

Scribbler ARTherapy paint by numbers are suitable for all skill levels, be it a beginner or an experienced artist. For a beginner it works as a guided approach and a new creative opportunity for experienced artists.

Are there any tips to achieve the best results for Scribbler Painting?

Here are some scribbler ARTherapy paint by number tips to improve your painting skills and achieve the best results:

  • Organize your workspace for focused painting.
  • Apply thin coats of paint to avoid smudging.
  • Blend colors for added depth and dimension.
  • Take your time, be patient, and enjoy the creative process.

Can the finished Scribbler Paintings be framed and displayed as professional artworks?

Yes, the finished paintings from artherapy paint by number kits can be framed and displayed as professional artworks. Framing adds a polished touch, protecting the artwork and enhancing its presentation, making it suitable for professional display and appreciation.


Scribbler Paint is a tool that has demonstrated its ability to bring about significant changes and allow the therapeutic benefits of art to be realized. By promoting mindfulness and enabling personal development, it offers us an opportunity to express our emotions in a creative manner while also encouraging exploration. It is important for us to acknowledge that art possesses incredible healing properties and can inspire connections among individuals by reminding them of their shared humanity.