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Easy landscape painting by number kits for nature enthusiast

Easy landscape painting by number kits for nature enthusiast

For nature enthusiasts who want to explore their artistic side but lack advanced painting skills, easy landscape painting by number kits offer a delightful and accessible creative outlet. These kits provide an opportunity to recreate breathtaking natural landscapes with ease and precision, regardless of your skill level. By following the numbered sections on the canvas that correspond to specific colors, you can bring your favorite scenes to life on paper or canvas. With these kits, capturing the tranquility of a forest, the serenity of a beach, or the majesty of a mountain range becomes an achievable goal for anyone interested in expressing their creativity through art.

The simplicity and enjoyment derived from using these paint by number sets allow beginners to embark on their artistic journey confidently. With this blog, we bring forth an exciting intersection between artistic expression and nature’s beauty with which even those without much experience can indulge in creating stunning landscape art.

Easy landscape painting by number kits

1. Anitkabir Monuments

The Anitkabir Monuments kit showcases a stunning landscape painting of Anitkabir, which is the magnificent mausoleum where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the esteemed founder and inaugural president of modern Turkey, rests in eternal peace. The easy landscape painting ideas beautifully capture the grandeur and solemnity that surrounds Anitkabir while also paying homage to an influential figure who played a pivotal role in shaping Turkish history.

anitkabir easy landscape painting

2. Winter Wonderland

This paint by numbers landscape kit would showcase the serene beauty of a winter landscape, immersing in a world of enchantment and tranquility. The majestic scene captures mesmerizing snowy vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see and amidst this wintry paradise, clusters of snow-covered trees add an ethereal charm to the scenery. In one corner lies a quaint winter village, nestled snugly amidst nature’s frozen embrace; its colorful houses exude warmth even in this icy cold setting.

3. Small Village by the Sea

In this paint by numbers landscape kit, the displayed canvas showcases a picturesque coastal landscape adorned with an enchanting small village by the sea. The scene unfolds like a captivating work of art, where nature’s beauty harmoniously meets human habitation in a serene and idyllic setting. As you gaze upon the canvas, allow your imagination to transport you to this quaint seaside village, with its charming architecture nestled amidst rolling hills and overlooking crystal-clear azure waters.

small village by the Sea landscape painting

4. Village Summer

The Village Summer landscape painting by numbers kit depicts a picturesque summer scene, capturing the essence of a peaceful rural setting. This easy landscape painting beautifully showcases vast fields basking under the radiant sun, adorned with an array of vibrant flowers that embellish the landscape. The clear blue skies stretch infinitely above, casting a tranquil ambiance over the entire scenery.

5. Tokyo

The Tokyo kit would offer a captivating landscape painting of Japan’s vibrant capital city. This painting could encapsulate the essence of Tokyo through the portrayal of its iconic landmarks and urban scenes, capturing both its modernity and traditional charm in perfect harmony. By skillfully blending elements from Tokyo’s rich cultural heritage with contemporary aspects, this easy landscape painting allows people to immerse themselves in the dynamic energy that defines this cosmopolitan metropolis.

tokyo landscape painting

Creating Professional Easy Landscape Painting

  • Observe real landscapes to gain a deeper understanding of their elements.
  • Develop strong composition skills to create visually appealing and balanced canvas paintings.
  • Experiment with different brushwork techniques to depict textures and add depth to your paintings.
  • Understand perspective and use it to create a sense of depth and space in your artwork.
  • Strive for harmony in your color choices to create a cohesive and visually pleasing composition.
  • Embrace your own artistic vision and style, allowing it to shine through your landscape painting ideas.


Whether you find refuge in the serenity of a thick forest or have an eagerness to immortalize the radiant hues of a sunset by the coast, easy landscape painting by numbers kits invites you to embrace your innate creativity. Allow yourself to be moved by the fusion of nature and artistic expression through Art of Paint by Numbers, and set forth on an exhilarating path towards self-discovery.