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Servicing World Wide - Free Shipping
On All Paintings - Flat 50% Off

Who we are?

About Art of Paint by Numbers

Welcome to our world of painting!

Art of Paint by numbers is a global online store specialised in providing a collection of custom and catalogue paint by numbers paintings. We aim to promote high-quality painting with a short time delivery at a reasonable price.

About us

What we do?

We create memories

We sell art canvases that have small numbers, indicating a corresponding color for a certain area. With this, the user can easily figure out which colors go well together. You don’t even need to be a Fine Arts graduate to paint a masterpiece that can sit right next to Leonardo Da Vinci’s artworks.
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Our mission

Own quality standards

We have high-quality patented technology to produce paintings by numbers. We are able to produce different picture formats and compositions, and a wide range of motifs popular with young and old hobby artists. you will be surprised with a quality of our canvases.


You can rely on us to help you relax in the most calm and creative way that not only helps you in your day-to-day tasks but also gives you something so significant that you can cherish it your whole life.


We are very passionate about painting and keeping our customers happy, and providing only the best products, services, and experiences for them. We believe that you don’t deserve anything less than the best.


It’s an extremely simple activity, and on top of that, it comes with a guide book, which makes the painting process even easier. Even a novice painter and a professional artist should try it at least once.

New level of quality

Quality is one thing that we’ve been focusing on from the beginning. We pick and choose the best out of the best. To ensure the safety of the products we use premium components.

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About us