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The Art of Paint by Numbers
Experience the joy of Paint by numbers.
A journey to creativity and serenity.
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Custom Paint by Numbers
Bring back your favourite memory and live in the moment a little extra by transforming it to a masterpiece!
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Beautiful Decoration
Paint by Numbers is a great way to make your place a little more cute, cosy and comfortably stylish!
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Paint by Numbers for Adults and Everyone!

Unleash your creativity through the tranquility that art provides. Create a stunning masterpiece that you can proudly display to your family, friends, and fellow artists. Choose from a vast collection of over 7,000 designs and customize the size of your canvas from 30 x 40 cm to 60 x 80 cm.


Custom paint by number with your photo

Transform your cherished memories into a stunning artwork with our custom paint by number kits. Each kit includes a pre-printed canvas, paint, and brushes, so all you need to do is follow the numbers and let your creativity flow!

Make your walls come alive

We offer a stunning collection of featured paintings
that will transform your walls into a work of art!

Bring your art
to life

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A finely woven
canvas kit

100% linen canvas with numbers

printed on the material

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Wake your inner

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Get your creativity on with our paint by number kits!

Art of Paint by numbers provides a unique and relaxing way to create beautiful works of art, without the need for formal training. Our pre printed canvas and numbered paint kit provides you all the tools you need to discover your inner artist and create your very own masterpiece.

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