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Wall of love!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing reviews and finished painting photos from our Art of Paint by Numbers community.
Based on 5012 reviews
Great painting kit

The colors were more vibrant and beautiful than I was expecting, and the paint and brushes were great. Really loved this PBN and would happily buy from this company again

I brought this for my daughter to do it turned out really well.

I just received this Moon Santa and will begin painting it in a few weeks. I saw it in someone’s home completed during this holiday season and searched quite a bit to find it. It is a beautiful piece finished and I am looking very forward to having one in my home for the Holidays 2023.

Witch on a Broom
Isabel V.

Beatifull draw and all tha materials are great

I really like the way you package the paint. So many other company’s
paints are often dried up and unusable. I will always buy from you.

It looks great can’t want to get started

LOVE LOVE LOVE doing the Paint by Numbers! So far I have painted portraits of 4 of my grandchildren with their pets – they turned out AMAZING – now I have 4 more to do, but it’s addictive and very satisfying!

Tennis player
cris g.

Arrived finally , have not opened it as it is a gift

Very nice but would like more detail in some parts.


Christmas morning
Mihaela A.

It was beautiful but much harder than it looks, very much detail went into it maybe not good if this is your first try. Turned out great. Same problems with poor quality of red-based colors had to use others or mix.

Pantera and Girl
Mihaela A.

The painting is gorgeous and worth the effort for the final result. However some of the colors are poor quality especially the red-based. I had to use different reds from different paintings because of the quality. The blue-based colors very good had no problem with them but anything from pink to dark red needed extra layers because they are too thick and provide little coverage at the same time.

Painting was easy to do and turned out very well!! Good for begginers. I initially got the wrong colors but customer support was very helpful and sent me the correct ones afterwards.

Very good product delivery on time also
Happy with quality

Pumpkin Harvest
Gunilla S.

Fast delivery and it looks really nice!

Good quality materials (the canvas, the brushes and the paint), the end result was spectacular!

It was dificult to paint as there are so many small fields yoz have to paint out but it´s worth it!

Birds on a tree
Natalia P.

Good quality, no complaints

Liked it…