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How Scribbler Paint by Number Can Benefit Teen Mental Health?

scribbler artherapy for Teen mental health

In Scribbler Paint by number, teenagers find a beautiful space where the chaos of daily life ends. It is replaced by the meditative process filled with colors on canvas. This activity serves as the means to express ourselves along with constructive space from the pressure that accompanies our teenage years. As brush moves across the canvas a section is meticulously filled allowing teenagers to  get a relief from the hustle of demanding lives.

This is an engaging form of self expression that gives a sense of accomplishment, increasing self-esteem and offering much needed calmness from anxiety that accompany the transitional phase of adolescence. It is time we embrace Scribble painting by number, teenagers can tap into the world of creativity, moving towards improved mental well-being.

What is Scribbler Paint by Number for teens and How to do it ?

scribbler paint for teens

Scribble Paint by Number is a creative twist on the traditional paint by number activity, where instead of following predetermined outlines, teenagers use their imagination to scribble and color within the numbered spaces. Here’s how to do it in step-by-step points:

1. Gather Your Materials:

  • Paints: Acrylic or watercolor paints work well for this activity.
  • Brushes: Various brush sizes for different details.
  • Canvas or Paper: Choose a canvas or thick paper suitable for painting.
  • Pencil: Optional for outlining if desired.

2. Select Your Design: Choose a design or image that resonates with the teenager mindset and it may vary teen to teen. It could be a simple pattern, a landscape, an animal, or anything else that inspires you.

3. Prepare Your Canvas:  If using a canvas, ensure it’s clean and free from any dust or debris. Optionally, lightly sketch the outline of your design onto the canvas using a pencil.

4. Start Scribbling: Begin by selecting a numbered space and filling it with the corresponding color. Instead of carefully painting within lines, you cover the space with color as per your creative teen instinct by scribbling.

5. Move Onto Next Spaces: Continue filling in the numbered spaces one at a time, following the same scribbling technique. Allow the colors to blend and overlap naturally for a dynamic and vibrant effect.

6. Add Details: Once you’ve covered all the numbered spaces, you can add additional details or highlights using smaller brushes and different colors  for personal touch using your creative teenage mind.

7. Let It Dry:  Allow your masterpiece of scribble art painting to dry completely before handling or displaying making it an expression or statement by teenagers through art.

Difference between regular Paint by Number and Scribbler Paint by Number for teens kits.

The main difference between traditional Paint by Number for teen and Scribbler Paint by Number kits for teen lies in the approach to painting and goal and layout they offer:

Basis Traditional Paint by Number For TeenTeen Scribbler Paint by Number
Layout and PatternIn traditional Paint by Number kits for teens, participants follow predetermined outlines and color guides to fill in numbered spaces with specific colors.Scribbler Paint by Number kits offer a more abstract and free-form layout to painting for teenagers.
ApproachThe outlines are typically detailed and specific, guiding painters to create a realistic representation of the chosen image.Instead of following precise outlines, participants use their imagination to scribble and color within numbered spaces.
Goal and Process  The goal of traditional Paint by Number is to accurately replicate the provided image, following the provided color scheme and instructions closely. There is a structured way for teens to create masterpieces without much hassle.There is no strict adherence to predetermined color schemes or instructions in Scribbler Paint by Number. Teenagers have the freedom to choose their own colors and painting techniques.

While traditional Paint by Number for teenagers kits focus on replicating specific images with predetermined colors and outlines, Scribbler Paint by Number for Teens kits encourage creative expression and experimentation through scribble techniques.

Issues troubling the mental health of Teenagers in present times

scribble painting for teens

  • Anxiety And Stress
  • Difficulty in communication with people
  • Lack of Focus
  • Lack of Self Confidence and Self – Awareness
  • Peer pressure
  • Social media addiction

How Scribbler Paint by Number Can Benefit Teen Mental Health?

Above we have mentioned a few issues that are troubling teens. So, how do Scribbler Paint by Number resolve? Let’s check out.

1. Enhance Mindfulness In Teens

Here with scribble paint by numbers, teenagers find comfort in the simplicity of work you are involved in, experiencing a moment of joy, away from complex situations of our lives. Each stroke brings image to life and we sense a satisfaction and accomplishment, strengthening abilities to overcome challenges. Teenagers learn to appreciate the beauty of the present moment, evolving a mindset of awareness and gratitude through scribble art which impacts our lives positively, much like some kind of scribbler ARTherapy.

2. Improvement in focus

scribbler paint by number for focus

Teeanger find a soothing space away from the noise of the world through scribbler paint by number. The work needs focus and because of this, they feel immersed in the projects completely and feel as if time stands still creating a sense of flow in them. This experience is a sort of meditative process and works as a valuable way to make mental wellbeing better. Those moments are of pure focus taking all complexities of life away. There is a sense of Sensory Integration while working on this art.

3. Scribbler painting  Reduce Stress 

As teenagers involved in the flow of the paint by number process, they experience mental calmness as well as physical release of tension and frustration. The beautiful connection between brush and canvas becomes a therapy ritual, encouraging a mindful relation with art. The engagement aids in stress reduction but also gives an overall sense of well being and calmness  providing a valuable tool to overcome various  frustrating challenges of demanding lives.

4.  Regulate and Label difficult emotions 

scribbler art & teen emotions

With the help of Scribbler art, teenagers get a chance to liberate their emotional expression surpassing the usual limitations of verbal communication. The canvas becomes the mirror of the inner world where difficult emotions are translated into strokes of paint, creating a visual narrative of their thought to empathize and connect with their experience, having a sense of validation and labeling needed for their emotional well being.

5. Growth of Self Esteem and Coping skills

As teenagers finish their scribbler work, they see more than just a colorful image coming to life, they witness their dedication and creativity. This accomplishment acts as a powerful antidote to self doubt, creating a positive self-image. The pride and confidence goes beyond the canvas, influencing a better approach to other challenges. The idea is to use this determination and creativity  to cope up with bad times and to stand again for meaningful achievements.

6. Provide development of interpersonal skills

scribbler paint for group activities

When teenagers join Scribble art clubs or communities, teens get a platform to connect where they see a network of like-minded people who share the same passion and creativity. Through virtual and in-person interactions, they can form bonds based on common interests and experiences to enrich social lives. It gives a sense of belonging  and also increases the enjoyment of the painting process and also provides a valuable support system for personal and interpersonal growth.

7. Sharp Cognition Skills Of Teen

Teenagers dive into the world of Paint by Numbers art, they subconsciously go in the process of knowing, learning and understanding things, learning essential skills that can be applied to various aspects of life. The complex process of matching colors to numbers requires keen observations and understanding of pattern. They exercise their cognitive abilities which also cultivates and grows mental agility and analytical thinking in their life to make him or her prepare for the life ahead by sharpening such cognition skills.

Dos and Don’ts for teenagers for Scribbler Paint by number kits

Dos for Teen 

  1. To make sure teenagers should have maximum fun and focus, pick a cozy, well-lit workstation for scribbler paint.
  2. Pay close attention to the directions given on the kit, working your way up to deeper tints with lighter hues first.
  3. To keep your eyes fresh and your concentration intact while painting, you need to take pauses as needed.
  4. To add texture and depth to your artwork, try experimenting with different brush sizes and approaches of your own on your teenage instinct.
  5. Take advantage of the creative flexibility that Scribble Paint by Number provides by feeling free to experiment with other color schemes or patterns exploring teen character.
  6. Tell your other teen friends and family about your development, acknowledging your accomplishments and asking for advice to improve.

Don’ts for Teens

  1. Don’t rush the painting process since it might result in errors and poor quality scribble painting, not depicting your teenage idea.
  2. Don’t overload paint on your brush. This might lead to a sloppy, uneven application that detracts from the painting’s overall appeal.
  3. Give up on apparent flaws or departures from the original concept as they give your artwork individuality and character of teenagers.
  4. To avoid contamination and preserve color fidelity, avoid cleaning your brushes and palette in between hues.
  5. Don’t compare your artwork with others, as every painting is an individual creative expression of a teenager and ought to be honored as such.
  6. Don’t neglect to sign and date your finished work, which serves as a record of your development as a teenager and your artistic journey.

Summing Up!

In a world of gadgets, we can see that mental and emotional well-being of teenagers is usually left unlocked, Scribbler Paint by number turns out to be a great helpful vocation to manage this. Beyond the simple act of filling in numbered spaces, this creative activity has the power to positively impact teen mental health in so many ways. Even while creating nature painting or even anything random like a pier painting, Teenagers are able to enjoy benefits like the stress release, expression of emotions, improved self-esteem, improved focus, a sense of control, social connection and other cognitive benefits .

It is so clear here now that scribbler paint by number kits can help teenagers not only paint a  beautiful canvas but also takes us on a mesmerizing journey to calmness, focus and all kinds of  mental well-being for our teenagers. We could see that the idea that art, in its simplest form, has the great ability to heal, inspire and empower.

Looking for perfect kits ? Art of Paint by Number is your destination. Happy painting.