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7 Nature Painting Collections to Bring You Nearer to the Heart of Nature

Under the Sea Nature Painting

Sitting by the nature’s side,

Glimpsing the blue sky or dive, 

Relishing the fragrance of flowers in springtime

And gazing at the towering trees with dappled sunlight….

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday life, we all are looking for ways to find solace and tranquility. Is there a better way to give yourself a break than wandering amidst the wonders of nature and relishing your soul with nature’s beauty? Imagine enjoying the serene wilderness in your home while sitting on your couch or wherever your spirit urges you to walk into the lush forests and into the grandeur of mountains. Nature painting, a work of art that will let you capture a piece of nature and display it on your wall. 

The collection of nature paintings showcased in this blog is a valuable repository. Each painting captures the breathtaking beauty of our natural world and possesses the ability to transport viewers into a more intimate connection with nature itself. Come along on an enchanting expedition through artistic expression as we submerge ourselves in the limitless splendor of the natural world, stroke by stroke.

Nature Painting Collections

Mountain Sunset nature painting

1. Mountain Sunset Painting By Number

The Mountain Sunset Painting by number captures the serene moment, where the fiery sun casts a warm, golden glow across the rugged terrain. Through each stroke of the brush, one has the ability to capture and communicate the unrefined splendor found in nature’s majestic landscapes, spanning from towering mountain ranges to gentle slopes that stretch into the horizon. The act of creating such a nature painting evokes feelings of admiration and tranquility, offering a means to immerse oneself in the peaceful ambiance experienced at twilight atop a summit within the confines of one’s own environment.

2. Desert Painting

The Desert Painting by number collection captures the vast and arid landscapes of the desert in all its glory. The right brushwork can transform your canvas into an endless expanse of dunes illuminated by the warm golden sunlight. The nature painting in this collection brings beauty to your living space and provides you with a unique environment, teleporting you within the realm of solitude and tranquility, offering you a connection with the landscape.

Flowers Painted on Canvas
3. Flowers Painted on Canvas

Flower paintings not only capture the beauty, color and delicate features of blossoms on canvas but it can also take you to the realm of springtime. Whether you have a green thumb or simply appreciate the splendor of blossoms, these easy nature painting ideas fill your space with the freshness of a garden in full bloom. So, if you are still pondering how to paint flowers stop wondering and paint beautiful paintings like peony painting and sunflower painting with floral painting by numbers collection.

4. Beach acrylic painting

With abstract beach acrylic painting by number collection skillfully captures the serene shores of tranquil beach and immerse your senses in the soothing ambiance of coastal beauty. You can blend warm, sandy tones with cool, inviting blues creating a harmonious contrast that mirrors the meeting point of land and water. The details of this nature acrylic painting evoke a sense of peace and tranquility, making it the perfect addition to any space where relaxation and serenity are sought after.

 7 Nature Painting Collections to Bring You Nearer to the Heart of Nature
5. Under the Sea Painting

This beautiful paintings of nature collection unveils the hidden wonders of the underwater world, where colorful coral reefs teem with life and exotic fish dart through the crystal-clear waters. This artwork skillfully captures the interaction of light and darkness beneath the watery surface, invoking a feeling of astonishment and reverence. Whether you have a passion for marine life or are fascinated by the enigmatic depths, these beautiful nature paintings submerge you into a serene and captivating underwater world, where the hidden wonders of the ocean come alive on your wall.

6. Forest Painting

This forest painting by number collection opens a portal to the natural world where towering trees, dappled sunlight and the sounds of rustling leaves await. This collection has beautiful nature paintings which create a scene so lifelike that it makes you sense the cool damp earth beneath your feet and inhale the fragrance of woods. You can hang it in your living room, bedroom, or any space you wish to transform into a serene woodland retreat, and let the Forest Painting envelop you in the beauty.

Waterfall painting

7. Waterfall Painting

This waterfall painting collection can transport you to the very edge of nature’s might, where water rushes over rocks and plunges into a crystal-clear pool below. As one observes this exquisite painting of beautiful nature, the resounding rumble of the waterfall and the invigorating touch of mist on one’s skin seem almost palpable. The juxtaposition of light and darkness dancing upon the water’s façade adds intricacy and intensity to this captivating spectacle, evoking a profound sense of awe and reverence.

Summing UP

As we conclude our examination of this captivating assortment of nature paintings, we discover ourselves not only in closer proximity to the essence of nature but also to the depths of our own inner selves. These seven painting ideas nature have not merely embellished our surroundings; they have served as gateways to serenity, connecting us with the untamed wilderness that exists within each individual. They have presented us with opportunities to momentarily retreat from the fast pace and demands of daily life and revive our bond with the organic realm.

Let the nature paintings from Art of Paint by Numbers be a constant source of inspiration and a reminder of the wonders that surround us. By nurturing this connection to nature, we ensure that its heart beats on, not only on our walls but in our own hearts and the hearts of generations to come.