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8 Sweet and Simple Mothers Day Painting Ideas

mothers day painting ideas

Mother’s Day is approaching. It is high time to celebrate the incredible women who have shaped our lives with their love and care. What is the best way to show gratitude? This year, we have brought you eight sweet and simple Mother’s Day painting ideas.

You can imagine the joy on your mother’s face after these great things to paint for Mother’s Day. These Mother’s Day creative painting ideas for mom will capture the essence of your attitude. It does not matter if you are seasoned or a newbie, a kid or an adult; we have something for everyone.

So grab your brushes, bring on the canvas, and start the journey. Let’s begin with these Mother’s Day painting ideas and make a masterpiece that will cherish maternal love forever.

Mother’s Day 

happy mothers day


This world spins on the axis of love, so Mother’s Day is sacred. We celebrate Mother’s Day across the world, beyond culture and language. It is a tribute to every sacrifice made by our mothers. 

In this ever-changing world, a mother’s love is constant. It is the true north that guides us. We should be grateful for mothers. We have mothers who gave us our lives, and this is the day to honor them with love.

We have always gone to our moms when we needed something. She has done everything from lullabies to hugs whenever we needed them. She waited for us with dinner whenever we were late. She loved us like no one ever could. She never asked for anything in return and always stood by us with all of her strength. She sacrificed sleep and even her own dreams, just for us. She has taken care of even our tiniest needs, and we know there is no way we can pay her back, but at least we can give her a gift with all our hearts and souls.

We cannot put it in words, words will always be short when it comes to our mother. All we can do is be grateful and honor her in the most lovable way.

Mother’s Day is a day of joyous celebration. Fill it with laughter and some fun, easy Mother’s Day painting sessions. More than material gifts, you should be the gift of time and love.

Painting Ideas for Older Mothers

painting for old moms

These are the paintings for Mother’s Day for your old moms:

  • Dreamy Still Life Painting: Paintings of dreamy still life can be one of the great Mother’s Day painting ideas. It can be a vase of fresh flowers painting  or a bowl of ripe fruit. With this, you are transforming everyday objects into symbols of love and gratitude. A still object painting can also evoke a sense of dreamy feeling and give your mother a feeling of calmness and stability.

You can paint any favorite still object or make of your mother and gift her the best painting in the world. Along with this, you can have meaningful conversations side by side with your elderly mother. Its dreamy composition, shapes and textures make it perfect for Mother’s Day canvas painting ideas. 

  • Paintings of Memory: This is one of the Happy Mother’s Day painting ideas that you should definitely try. Painting scenes from your elderly mother’s fondest memories can be a wonderful surprise for you. It can be her childhood adventure, a favorite place or a special milestone.

You can transform cherished memories into vibrant works of art. It is time to capture the laughter of your mother on canvas. It is not just about capturing moments but also preserving the legacy of your mother and her maternal love.

  • Peaceful Nature Painting: Nature’s painting, with its peaceful setting, also brings a sense of calmness. It is perfect for both the painters and the elderly mothers. This painting idea is also good for her mental health.

You can pick your mother’s favorite scenic beauty according to her imagination and paint it well. It could be the best gift for her on Mother’s Day. Greenery, blues and earthly tones during nature outings on canvas can fill her heart with peace.

Mothers Day Painting ideas for new moms

Mothers Day Painting ideas for new moms

These are the things to paint for Mother’s Day when you have a new and young mom in the house.

  • Alphabet Painting: Alphabet wall art and painting is a great start for this Mother’s Day painting. The letter painting has a unique style. It can be according to both child and mother interest. We can give this awesome painting idea on Mother’s Day. From “A” to “Z,” this painting shows the power of words and can be first lesson for the newly born. 

In this painting, letters are painted on wall or on canvas with attractive color theme. There is so much to discover when you have so many patterns and color themes to explore. It should be vibrant. It can be placed in the new mother and child sleeping room, where they can both cherish the love of Mother’s Day paintings. There is always some room for personal touch too.

  • Mother and child bonding portrait: Paintings of mother and child bonding where mother is embracing her child are a great idea. It could be the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day painting ideas. The bond between mother and child is so precious that it is full of warmth.

There are paintings of mothers breastfeeding, tender cuddles, playful interaction and other precious moments. This painting can be a beautiful namesake for new moms and children. These paintings are an example of the new beginning on Mother’s Day.

  • Stages of Kid Painting: There are paintings that depict the stages of life from beginning as a child to the teenage years. This is the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day and one of the  great Mother’s Day painting ideas. For a new mom and her newborn child, we can use sunny and radiant color themes.

For kindergarten paintings, we can use more playful and graceful color themes. For teenagers, we can use strong colors full of energy.

Painting ideas for pregnant moms

Painting ideas for pregnant moms

There are cute Mothers Day painting ideas for pregnant moms, which are as follows:

  • Belly Blossom Painting: This is a very unique Mother’s Day painting idea. We can celebrate the journey of motherhood with a stunning painting of a growing belly. It can be a pregnant woman embracing the first step of maternity.

It is so great to capture the miracle of life within. You can use a soft background and gentle brushstrokes to adorn the belly. You may use blossoming flowers to tell the story of excitement, hope, love  and the strong bond between the mother and the baby.

  • Celestial Object Painting: To celebrate the arrival of motherhood, painting the universe and celestial objects is a great idea. Especially for Mother’s Day since it is the reason for the very beginning. The birth of human existence.

You can also paint a beautiful night sky with twinkling stars and a radiant moon with a glow. You can paint the constellations, planets and galaxies that gave birth to our existence. It is a symbol of love and birth that goes beyond time and space.

Summing Up!

Originating in the early 20th century, Mother’s Day pays respect to the sacrifices mothers make for their families and society. Anna Jarvis, an activist who campaigned for a day to honor mothers after her own mother’s passing, marked the beginning of this day.

As we wrap up our awesome Mother’s Day painting ideas, we can already feel a sense of warmth and joy. With every brushstroke, you will carry a world of emotions and appreciation for your incredible Mother’s Day. 

Our mothers have made countless sacrifices and given endless love. They have been our constant supporters. These painting ideas for Mother’s Day are about sentiments and gestures. It is a testament to the beautiful bond between you and your mother.

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