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10 Paint by number kits to decorate wall space

10 Paint by number kits to decorate wall space

Home! A very exceptional and safe spot for all of us. But what makes a home? Family , love, connection, and energy. Where there is a family, there is love and connection. But how would we include that vibe and settle on an aesthetic theme for our place?

So, there’s a secret. You don’t have to do that. We are your saviour and will make this easy for you with our art of paint by numbers set because painting is a staggering prop to design and beautify your space. As we say, less is more. Simultaneously, it will require less investment and exertion than anything else.

Here are 10 paint by numbers set to decorate your wall space that we recommend to you and know why (Feel free to order any kits from our website of your choice):

1. Toy store

A very beautiful colourful painting, which depicts a view of a toy store, where we can see the kids and their excitement. You have to be very patient with this painting as it has a lot of colour and very fine details. Feels like it is made for us like personalized paint by numbers set.

Why this?
Because toy store paint by numbers set will remind you of your childhood and who doesn’t want to go back there? Whenever you feel free, you will feel that you have come to your childhood, your happy place.

toy-store paint by numbers set

2. Tenderness of giraffes

A painting that shows the kindness and affection of giraffes. The painting is very easy to do and very attractive to see and very thoughtful to be. Not much colour has been used, and the colours used are pleasing to the eyes and are happy colours.

Why this?
Because tenderness of giraffes paint by numbers set will remind you to be kind and gentle towards other people and to yourself. Animal paintings represent happiness, moral lessons, talking creatures, aesthetics and the environment.

3. Spring walk

This is a painting that makes you feel relaxed when you see it. It depicts the season of spring and a happy evening walk. Shades of black, white, purple, and cream are used.

Why this?
Spring walk paint by numbers set is the season of love and happiness. Having a walk at such a time helps in resisting stress and increases endorphins, and the release of serotonin, which brings a superior and happy state of mind.


4. Sunset Melody

One can learn a lot from this painting. There is fine work too, but it’s simplicity is such that it overpowers the minute details. While the sun is setting, a girl is playing an instrument and birds are visible.

Why this?
Sunset melody paint by numbers set looks so surreal, just imagine how would it feel in real life? It sums up a message very well which is, endings can be beautiful too just like sunset.

5. Deer in Water

A painting of deer in water, it looks so real and captivating. And have you noticed the reflection in the water? It’s a sight that doesn’t take your eyes off. The colours used in these are very subtle and not bright that stings in your eyes.

Why this?
Because, one needs to calm down after a long day. The painting is not just about the deer but the environment. The composition altogether looks so perfect.

6. Swans love

The significance of a swan is effortlessness, grace, beauty, trust and devotion and is additionally connected to self love and self esteem. The painting is all about love, the background with roses, the heart with water, their feathers, the colours everything just seems perfect.

Why this?
If you are a couple, this is a must have painting you should have in your space. Because a couple of swans paint by numbers set address perfect partners forever. It’s a masterpiece paint by numbers set.


7. Lion and cub in sunset

Lion and cub in sunset painting looks so powerful and with so much simplicity, the relationship between a parent and child has been shown and it is a special feeling for everyone. If you notice. It has so many minute details and even the background has details that catch the attention.

Why this?
Because when you paint, you might feel tired and irritated because of the details. But the end result will make you feel accomplished because it has that power.

8. Yellow flower and Butterfly

The yellow flower and butterfly paint by numbers set design is a beautiful combination of colors that will instantly brighten up any room. Because of the kit’s vibrancy and intricate details come together in a stunning image that is sure to leave an impression.

Why this?
With this stunning masterpiece, you can set free your inner artists, and at the same time experience the joy of painting which depicts absolute happiness and fills the room with the same feelings.

9. Group of dogs

The composition, the colours, the props and the background everything is just beyond perfect. And it will be a fun activity to colour by numbers. And I am sure that you will feel happy whenever you see this.

Why this?
If you are a dog parent or a dog lover, nobody has to convince you for group of dogs paint by numbers set. Because look at it, it’s the cutest!


10. Waves Dolphin

The Waves Dolphin set offers a fantastic blend of art and relaxation, allowing you to live peacefully after a long day. And what better than an artwork teaching us a lesson? Because, we often need reminders to live our lives happily and peacefully.

Why this?
This particular paint by numbers kit features a picturesque image of dolphins playing in the waves, which adds a perfect degree of liveness and beauty to any place.


Art of paint by numbers helps in making your space creative, welcoming and pleasant for everyone. Painting is one of the easiest options to go ahead with and attract people’s attention. Earlier, huge paintings were considered as the symbol of richness.

Art of paint by numbers believes in having a cozy and comfortable space with a touch of innovation where everything pops against the walls. Be your own interior designer, start painting by yourself and hang it in front and be proud of yourself, and know that we are proud of you.