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Paint by number tips and tricks to help you improve your painting skills

painting skills

The expertise of the art of paint by numbers has now reached the seventh heaven. It does not believe in discrimination and includes people of all age groups to enjoy and experience this, from kids to teenagers to grown- ups to more established people. And it becomes even more, easier for people who are imaginative, having said that there is nobody in this world that isn’t.

There is no age to learn a new skill, painting. Furthermore, if you want to get familiar with it, let us share that nothing excites us more. Here are ten paint by number tips and tricks that can help you in improving your painting skill:

1. Get A framed canvas to stay away from wrinkles

The first and foremost tip for painting ideas is to get a framed canvas because there is a high chance that canvases will get creases. After all, the packages come from far away and get damaged during delivery. And working on a damaged canvas may not give you the best result. Fortunately, you can get it fixed by ironing it. A wrinkle less canvas will always benefit in creating your masterpiece paint by numbers.


2. Keep your encompassing perfect and clean

Having a perfect and clean work area will help you focus on your work and not get distracted. Likewise, paint by numbers kit is a seriously inchoate activity and stills are inescapable. It’s smarter to play it safe beforehand and cover things around us with plastic or paper so that nothing gets stained. Ace tip: Paint in a sufficiently bright space so that you get a clear view of intricate designs and borders to stick to it.

3. Utilise clean and various size of brushes

While doing paint like vintage paint by number, paint brushes play the most important role. Since, there are many intricacies and small spaces, you will need different brush sizes to fill it up. This helps in keeping your work flawless and clean. At the same time, keeping up with brush health is the way to get a decent piece of work. Ace tip: Get yourself a bowl of water, some thinner, and a towel to make sure you have clean brushes.

paint by number tips

4. Cover the numbers appropriately

The printed paint by numbers on the canvas are hidden along with the darker tones and additional layers. Yet, a couple of numbers actually look through the lighter shades. The question is what is the way to abstain from that? Ace tip: Use a white pen or colour and trace the numbers, but not put too much. Allow plenty of drying time between the white coat and the original colour. Covering numbers is a plus point.

5. Keep your guidelines nearer to you

If this is your first time or you are new to the art of painting by numbers club, please keep your instruction notes closer to you. It will be useful since, in such cases that you wreck or get confounded anytime you can rely on your guidance pamphlet and you can find the solution. Do not rush or overthink. Ace tip: Listen to songs while painting that will totally change your mind. It’s the cherry on top feeling.


6. Snap a picture before and after painting

Take a full photo of the canvas before you start to paint. This will provide you a better idea about the numbers in a particular section in case you mispainted the area. Also, when you complete the custom paint by numbers you can easily determine how beautifully you have filled a blank canvas into a painting. When you see it, you will get motivation to do more. And, you will receive satisfaction that you spent your time being productive.

7. Be free and don’t worry

Don’t get stressed or anxious while painting. It’s completely fine if you make an error as long as you are having a good time. On the off chance that you fill in a number with some unacceptable colour, you don’t need to stress. You can trust the paint will dry and later you can cover it up with the right tone. Ace tip: Assuming if you actually make a mistake, have a go at covering it with one more layer of the right one.


8. Avoid potential risks

To avoid potential risks of destroying the painting on canvas by numbers, we have to take precautions. First being, start from the top and background. According to the general rule, start painting darker tones first and then switch to lighter tones. For the safer side, keep extra and appropriate brushes and wet cloth to wipe any stain. Ace tip: Focus on painting one colour at a time will allow you to have focus at one place.

9. Legitimate utilisation of water

Do not overuse water while paint by the numbers. The texture of the paint is usually thick so add water according to your need and make it consistent so that you don’t have to struggle while painting. Because sometimes people don’t realise and in the hope of acing the water effect they end up ruining it. Ace tip: Do not use water directly on the canvas. Before using it on canvas try it on blank rough paper.


10. Be cautious with your paint pot covers

Make sure to close the paint top when not in use, as it might dry out rapidly. Because if your paint dries up you will be at loss. Then you will have to buy new paints and your work may get stalled due to lack of paint. Ace tip: Assuming if the paint dries, you can take a stab at adding water to re-establish its creamy texture. If you are an artist or budding artist make sure to take care of your things and the art you produce.


Each and every tip will help you only when you are truly and intellectually prepared to paint. When you draw yourself deeply into creative activity, your brain generates new ideas, musings, and symbolisms, all in a positive way and it gives meaning to your life. Creating art from scratch and calling it your own is a different feeling. Being able to depict your creative thoughts, feelings, and emotions on canvas is like painting a dream with the help of the art of paint by numbers.