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Amazingly easy paint by number kits that introduce you to the real world of painting

Amazingly easy paint by number kits that introduce you to the real world of painting

The art of paint by numbers is not just a painting activity, but an activity that allows you to be yourself completely, truly, and freely without any guilt. An paint by number kits activity where you don’t listen to anyone actively, and that’s the whole purpose of the creative process. Where you just have to listen to yourself and do what you have to do.

Even if you are a beginner, please don’t shy away from trying this color by numbers activity. We’ve got your back and we will help you, support you, and guide you. These are a few amazingly beautiful, attractive, and easy paint by number kits to start with.

Paint by number kits

1. Bim puppy painting kit

The first and cutest paint by number kits. This is a very easy and flat painting of a dog that anyone can do without facing any difficulties. Not only this, but there are huge sizes of shapes due to which you can colour by number easily and you will not have to change your brush frequently.


2. Winters Sky painting kit

Such paint by number kits may seem like it will be a little difficult to complete. But, trust us, it’s not. Very few colors have been used in this, and this is also a flat painting. But some areas might need your attention, like the plants, trees, and sky. It looks so attractive because of its composition.


3. Sloth on a branch painting kit

It’s a happy and fun paint by number kits of a sloth playing on the branch. In this painting, there are shades, but don’t worry, you don’t have to blend to get that perfect cool effect because of its nature. Flat painting is a great way to start if you want to learn a new skill, such as colour by numbers.


4. Landscape sunset lake trees mountains

One can never go wrong with a sunset and, on top of that, if it is a flat painting. Less effort but better results. The sunset in itself is so beautiful that you don’t have to overdo it. Such paint by number kits looks so meaningful. It seems that you will feel instantly connected with the painting as soon as you see it.


5. Mountain view painting kit

In this art of paint by number kits, you have to give your time honestly and work with patience. With its attractive design elements, larger and smaller painting surfaces will encourage you to practice your painting techniques and paint like an expert. Don’t you worry if you cross the lines, we can manage. It’s okay to make mistakes.


6. Christmas Deer Mosaic painting kit

For all of us, Christmas is as special as this art of paint by number is to us. It’s a very simple painting and has only two colours and different tones of the same color. But if you want, you can make some changes in your paint by number kits according to your choice and convenience. Make it as you want to see.


7. Santa and gifts in black background painting kit

Nothing excites us more than Christmas presents. It just feels different and makes you feel loved. It is so easy that even a child can do it. All you have to do is pick the right color and swirl the brush. There you are, your painting is finished! You can give it a chance; it is best for a beginner.


8. Giraffe painting kit

This might look like the art of paint by number kits is for kids. But, we do not want to give a label or description to our art so that people belonging to a certain age group can only do this. Any painting can be done by anyone. Painting is for everyone and anyone. It treats everybody equally.


9. Playing Dolphins painting kit

A fun picture instantly lifts your mood. These dolphins in the painting are a mother and daughter duo, so that’s just the cherry on top. The greys and the blues don’t seem too tough to paint as they are in larger shapes, so you have that liberty to just go with the flow. Follow your heart and set yourself free.


10. The Musician’s table painting kit

Who doesn’t love music? That too, music and painting together? WOAH ! That sounds like fun, no? There are very few intricacies and we can definitely manage it. Otherwise, the whole paint by number kits is just about swirling the brush here and there, of course in the right direction and with the right colors.



We have intentionally chosen more of the ones that have larger shapes and are flat painted. So that you get your time to get used to painting and learn the techniques. Don’t worry, slowly and steadily we will get there too, and we will nail that too.

We want you to be yourself and love yourself the way you are. And if your surroundings are not helping you with these, we know for sure that the art of paint by numbers will help you, and you will love the process of painting by numbers. Because, WE CARE!