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Painting and Pregnancy: 5 Easy Paint by Numbers kits for new moms

Painting and Pregnancy: 5 Easy Paint by Numbers kits for new moms

Pregnancy is a transformative journey, filled with anticipation and excitement as expectant mothers prepare to welcome their bundle of joy into the world. Amidst the preparations and nesting instincts, finding ways to relax and express creativity becomes essential for maintaining a sense of balance and well-being. One such avenue is the art of painting and pregnancy, which allows expectant moms to unleash their artistic side while embracing the joy of bringing new life into the world.

So, to all the expectant moms out there, embrace the therapeutic and creative benefits of pregnancy and painting by numbers. Discover the joy of bringing your visions to life on canvas while eagerly awaiting the precious arrival of your little one.


Pregnant women can find solace in paint by number kits as they offer a creative outlet and encourage relaxation. These kits provide structure, allowing expectant moms to partake in a pleasant activity without the need for artistic skills. Engaging with paint by number kits not only helps relieve stress but also promotes mindfulness and concentration. Busy moms-to-be will appreciate the convenience of these kits that come complete with all necessary materials. Moreover, the resulting artworks can be cherished keepsakes that capture the joyous emotions experienced during pregnancy. Ultimately, paint by number kits serve as an accessible and therapeutic method for pregnant women to prioritize their well-being while celebrating motherhood’s beauty.


1. Mandala Butterfly Paint by Numbers

The Mandala Butterfly Paint by Numbers Kit offers a unique blend of mandala art and the graceful beauty of butterflies. It presents an opportunity for new moms to indulge in a soothing and detailed painting experience. This insect paint by numbers design showcases a perfectly symmetrical mandala pattern that is complemented by the presence of an exquisite butterfly at its center, adding vibrancy and charm to the piece. Additionally, easy painting by numbers for adults includes top-quality acrylic paints as well as brushes needed to bring your artistic vision to life.

 Mandala painting and pregnancy

2. Turtle Swimming Paint by Numbers

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of an underwater realm with our captivating easy paint by numbers. Delight your senses as you bring to life a serene sea turtle gracefully gliding through ocean depths. This exquisite aquatic animal paint by numbers kit offers everything you need to create a stunning masterpiece and each brushstroke will transport you deeper into the vibrant world beneath the waves, ensuring that this magnificent work of art becomes more than just colors on canvas – it becomes an escape into tranquility.

3. Watercolor Cherry Blossom Paint by Numbers

Indulge in the exquisite beauty of cherry blossoms through this captivating watercolor easy paint by numbers kit. The watercolor technique employed in this kit offers a unique opportunity for creative expression as it allows for fluid brushstrokes and subtle color blending. You can simply follow the meticulously numbered guide provided, applying each corresponding hue to reveal your very own breathtaking masterpiece – an ode to the timeless allure of cherry blossoms.

Watercolor Cherry Blossom Paint by Numbers

4. Summer Beach Elements Paint by Numbers

There’s just something about the beauty and tranquility of a summer beach scene that brings instant relaxation. The summer beach element’s easy paint by numbers for adults kit allows you to capture that essence and bring it into your home. This delightful nature paint by number kit showcases all the iconic elements of a sunny beach – towering palm trees, delicate seashells scattered along the shore, soft golden sand, and gently crashing waves. With every brushstroke, immerse yourself in the calming ambience of a summer beach day.

5. Winters Sky Paint by Numbers

The Winter’s Sky Paint by Numbers Kit allows you to fully immerse yourself in the serene beauty of winter. Embracing the tranquility of a snowy landscape under a clear winter sky, this kit offers a truly peaceful and calming painting experience. This easy paint by numbers for adults kit is designed for both beginners and experienced painters alike, delivering not only an enjoyable creative activity but also capturing the essence of a peaceful winter’s day.

Winters Sky Paint by Numbers


  • It is essential to consult your healthcare provider before partaking in any artistic endeavor while pregnant.
  • Opt for paint by number kits specifically created for beginners, guaranteeing their non-toxicity and overall safety.
  • Arrange a workspace that is both comfortable and well-ventilated, ensuring appropriate lighting as well.
  • Take regular breaks and pay attention to signals from your body indicating the need for rest or hydration.
  • When painting, apply gentle pressure on brushes to avoid strain on hands and wrists.
  • It’s crucial to steer clear of prolonged exposure to strong chemical odors; thus, painting in a well-ventilated area is recommended.
  • If you experience any discomfort or encounter unusual symptoms whilst engaging in this activity – discontinue immediately and promptly seek advice from your healthcare provider.


Easy painting by numbers kits are an ideal solution for pregnant women with hectic schedules who yearn for a way to express their creativity. These kits not only provide the convenience of creating art but also offer a delightful combination of colors and designs that can transport you into a world filled with imagination. Regardless of your artistic abilities or limited free time, these easy paintings allow you to indulge in the joy of painting without any constraints. Embracing these easy painting kits from Art of Paint by Numbers will undoubtedly help you unwind after a long day, explore your creative side further, and find solace amidst life’s busyness.