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80 Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners to Try Today!

80 Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners

The unique blend of water fluidity and beautiful hues is what we can achieve with this mesmerizing art form. From the ethereal translucency to the vivid colors, these 80 easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners will ignite your imagination and help you uncover the inner artist. Join us on this captivating journey where the watercolors will let you unlock the beauty of art, one brushstroke at a time!

Let’s discover more about watercolor paintings!

What are watercolors?

Watercolor is a painting technique that uses colors in a water based solution. The watercolor paintings are created by applying thin layers of paint on paper with brushes, sponges or other tools.


The following are the characteristics of the watercolors:

  • Transparent
  • Fluidity (Flows easily)
  • Quick Drying
  • Luminosity

Watercolor techniques

1. Wet on wet – In this watercolor painting technique wet paint is applied on a wet canvas which allows the paint to blend easily creating a beautiful fusion of colors. The wet on wet technique can be used when painting backgrounds such as skies and other areas.

2. Wet on dry – This technique is used when a person is applying wet paint on dry surface, this can provide a better control on the paint application and is useful in creating fine lines, intricate patterns or precise details in the watercolor painting.

3. Glazing – Glazing is a watercolor technique in which one applies a thin layer of paint on dried layers of paints. The wet layers of paint applied later are transparent that helps in adding depth, richness and color variations to the painting.

4. Dry brush – In this watercolor technique, painting is created using minimum water and thick paint to create texture and details. With these strokes, artists can depict rough surfaces and delicate textures.

80 easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners

#1 Sunset watercolor painting

watercolor sunset 80 Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners

The sunset easy watercolor painting is a painting  portraying the beauty of the evening sky. It is an art that not only encapsulates the golden-ish glow of the sun but also captures the tranquil water mirroring the shades of the sky. In this painting, the fleeting beauty of dusk is captured in all its glory which evokes a sense of tranquility and wonder. 

Benefits: This painting is a relaxing activity that lets you appreciate nature and can be a beautiful addition to your home décor. This painting will help you develop new skills allowing you to improve your artistic skills.

#2 Watercolor flowers

watercolor flower

A delicate flower swaying gently in an unseen breeze, the petals unfurling amidst the lush green foliage… Isn’t the image beautiful? Now imagine capturing this beautiful scene on your canvas so that you can catch a glimpse whenever you want. This watercolor flower painting will give you a similar sense of serenity and tranquility.

Benefits: This painting can be a thoughtful gift for conveying heartfelt emotions, this art also connects you with nature and has therapeutic benefits.

#3 Autumn watercolor painting

autumn landscape watercolor painting

Walking on a path covered with a tapestry of fallen leaves, the orange yellow leaves crunching by every step and the trees ablaze with fiery foliage. Now transfer that timeless moment on a canvas with the autumn landscape watercolor painting and immerse in the beauty of autumn season.

Benefits: This painting can instill a sense of accomplishment, preserve beautiful autumn memories, enhance your artistic skill and promote relaxation.

#4 Skyline at Dusk

watercolor skyline

The watercolor skyline at dusk painting is a fusion of nature’s beauty with man’s creations. This painting is more than a cityscape, it is a reflection of the beauty and complexity of modern life and a testament to the allure of urban landscapes. 

Benefits: This painting can help you in color exploration, elevate your mood and encourages artists to experiment with negative space and contrast.

#5 Fruit Watercolor Painting

cherry watercolor painting

The ruby red cherries gleaming like jewels suspended from their delicate stems not only portrays the essence of pleasing summers but also captures the beauty of nature’s palette. From the deepest red to the softest yellow, the colors in this easy watercolor painting  mingle to celebrate sweetness and allure of nature on a canvas. 

Benefits: The subtle color variation can enhance an artist’s skills and proficiency while providing a therapeutic escape and developing keen observational skills.

#6 Beach Scene

watercolor beach

This beach watercolor painting can take you to a coastal paradise providing you serenity and calmness. The beautiful painting not only encapsulates the charm of the blues but also captures the beauty of golden sands with various beachy elements such as tall palm trees, people and houses.

Benefits: This scene painting can allow creative expression, enhance skill development and inspire you to explore new ideas and perspectives.

#7 A Butterfly

watercolor butterfly painting

With this watercolor butterfly painting you can easily capture the colorful patterns of a butterfly while catching the mesmerizing moments on canvas. This butterfly painting is a beginner friendly painting that a person with no expertise can also curate just by wielding the right equipment and techniques.

Benefits: This painting is a creative activity that will let you relax, improve fine motor skills, enhance artistic expression and promote mindfulness.

#8 Hot air balloon watercolor painting

watercolor hot air balloon

Painting these adorable airborne vessels is an artistic venture that connects you with your inner explorer and compels your heart to dive into a colorful adventure. This colorful watercolor painting is not a mere painting, it is a creative endeavor that brings the promise of joy and happiness.

Benefits: This watercolor painting helps you express yourself and promotes a sense of accomplishment while connecting you with nature.

#9 Watercolor Bird

watercolor bird painting

The watercolor bird painting is not just a painting made with beautiful paints but it is an opportunity to study and observe the wonderful creature created by god. With this art, you can easily explore the vibrant colors of a bird perching on a branch with the fluid medium of watercolors.

Benefits: The watercolor bird painting enhances your creativity, refines your artistic skills and connects you with the beautiful hues of nature.

#10 Watercolor Fireflies painting

watercolor fireflies

The beautiful jar of fireflies painting takes us down the memory lane where the summer evenings were filled with fireflies dancing and we were busy capturing them in our jars. This painting lets us re-create the sight of those blissful times evoking a sense of nostalgia.

Benefits: This painting of a jar of fireflies evokes the emotional connection one has with the good old days. It provides an outlet for creativity and imagination.  

#11 Snowy Landscape

watercolor snowy landscape

A watercolor snow painting for snow lovers – this beautiful artwork will let you dive into the white landmasses and help you transcend into the ethereal realms covered with snow. This landscape painting is for artists who want to upgrade their artistic skills and are looking for something simple yet complicated.

Benefits: This artwork is not just an expressive outlet, it is a therapeutic and relaxing activity that lets you appreciate the winter beauty.

#12 Watercolor waterfall 

watercolor waterfall

Waterfalls, nature’s captivating creation that spellbinds the viewers with its beauty and serenity. With this painting, you can bring the majestic wonder of nature into your home. 

Benefits: The waterfall watercolor painting works as beautiful home décor, it is a wall art that connects you with nature and gives a sense of accomplishment.

#13 Watercolor Peacock

watercolor peacock

Peacocks with their elegant persona are considered the symbol of beauty, grace and regality. Portraying this beautiful bird in watercolors allows us to create stunning art that not only lets us study the details but also enchants the viewers.

Benefits: This watercolor painting lets you learn how to create intricate patterns in a watercolor art and helps develop your artistic skills.

#14 Vintage Bicycle

watercolor vintage bicycle

If you are someone who is always on the run to gather vintage items. This bicycle watercolor painting is for… All you need to do is collect the materials and begin your vintage bicycle painting journey to capture the essence of the vintage era.

Benefits: This painting evokes a sense of nostalgia in both the viewers and the artist while reducing their stress and promoting relaxation.

#15 Watercolor Cat

watercolor cat

Cats are enigmatic creatures that have been the subject matter for many artists and creating stunning art that captures their essence not just lets you  celebrate their beauty but their charm as well. 

Benefits: With this watercolor painting, you get a charming piece of decorative artwork that connects you with these feline creatures while enhancing your artistic skills.

#16 Watercolor castle painting

watercolor fairy castle

A fairy tale castle watercolor painting will let you teleport into the beautiful world of Grimm brothers and help you create a wall art that will enhance the beauty of your living space. This watercolor painting can work as a wonderful gift for any person who admires majestic castles.

Benefits: This painting will help you advance your artistic skills, give you an opportunity to experiment and learn some new watercolor art tricks.

#17 Abstract Watercolor Art

watercolor abstract art

Red, yellow, blue, green…. The colors blend in the form of a beautiful masterpiece. Abstract watercolor art, the painting that lets you express your innermost emotions through colors. This watercolor painting is a beginner level art that doesn’t require any expertise and is appropriate for all age groups.

Benefits: This painting is a form of color therapy that helps you pour out your emotions, a calming and a relaxing art that has a soothing effect.

#18 Watercolor Mountains 

watercolor mountains

Watercolor mountains, an artwork that is portrayed with blending warm and cold shades, depicting a beautiful scenario. The warmer tones showcasing the mountain peaks glazed with sunlight and the other mountains are painted with dark hues. The combination of both create a harmonious scene that can captivate the viewers.

Benefits: This watercolor painting enhances artistic abilities, teaches more about color mixing and blending techniques.

#19 Watercolor Unicorn

watercolor unicorn

Unicorns, the symbol of our childhood dreams that reminds us of our passion of gathering the things encapsulating these mystical beings. Though not everyone is fond of unicorns but in case you are one then creating your own watercolor unicorn painting is what you should do… 

Benefits: This watercolor unicorn painting is a beautiful decorative piece that can adorn the walls of living space, it helps in expressing the imagination and creating this artwork will let you create your own personalized art capturing the allure of unicorns.

#20 Carnival painting

carnival watercolor painting

A watercolor painting consisting of a carnival scene that lets you explore the joy bridled in a fair. The artwork is portrayed with ferries, buntings, camps and people lost in merriment and delight.

Benefits: The carnival scene watercolor painting is a perfect activity for leisure time that helps you relieve stress and improves concentration.

#21 Watercolor Dragonfly

watercolor dragonfly

The dragonfly on waterlily painting showcases a mesmerizing and enchanting moment where a dragonfly is captured on top of a waterlily. The background of this water lily painting is covered with green leaves.

Benefits: Creating this painting is a relaxing and meditative activity that will help reduce stress. With this the artist can learn how to create shadows and blend colors in a watercolor painting.

#22 Watercolor Clouds

watercolor clouds

Clouds captured in beautiful shades of watercolors make the perfect wall art that will give our living space a dreamy appearance. This watercolor painting is an enjoyable activity that can be created both by beginners and experienced artists.

Benefits: This art lets you express yourself freely with colors. Also, with this you can learn about watercolor painting techniques and experiment with them.

#23 Watercolor night sky

night sky watercolor painting

The night sky that pulls us into its depth, the alluring stars that shimmers its way into our heart and the glowing moon that spellbinds us with its charm. This awe inspiring watercolor painting lets you paint all of it on a blank canvas.

Benefits: This painting connects us with nature while igniting a feeling of wonder and inspiration.

#24 Watercolor Forest Painting

forest watercolor painting

This forest painting is not a mere depiction of green paint and brown strokes, it is a beautiful artwork that draws the attention of the viewers and  compels them to dive deep into the dense realm of enchanting woods. 

Benefits: The forest watercolor painting helps you develop your painting skills and expand their artistic repertoire.

#25 Underwater watercolor painting

underwater painting

Watercolors, with them you can not only paint beautiful mountains, serene lands, tranquil forests but you can also portray the underwater mysteries. This painting helps you capture the alluring aquatic plants, reefs and creatures on canvas. 

Benefits: The underwater watercolor painting is a wonderful activity with which you will receive immense joy and satisfaction while giving you an opportunity to enhance your artistic skills.

#26 Sunflower watercolor

watercolor sunflower

The symbol of beauty, warmth and positivity… sunflowers are the flowers that radiate energy. Creating this watercolor sunflower painting will help you create an art that is perfect for gift giving as the bold colors and details can easily lift anyone’s spirit.

Benefits: The bright flower will have a positive impact on our mood and creating this painting will promote a sense of tranquility.

#27 Watercolor Pineapple

watercolor pineapple

Pineapple, the iconic fruit, can not just fill our mouth with its sweet and delicious tastes but it can also provide our eyes a feast when portrayed on canvas in the watercolor pineapple painting. This realistic art is for people who have mastered the basics of painting and are looking for new and challenging things to paint.

Benefits: This watercolor painting helps you enhance your skills, motivating you to capture the laid-back tropical vibes.

#28 Watercolor heart painting

heart watercolor painting

The heart watercolor painting is a beginner art that doesn’t require any expertise when it comes to creating it. And as it symbolizes emotional connection, this painting can help you convey the profound emotional resonance on paper.

Benefits: Painting heart watercolors provides an opportunity for self-reflection and introspection, allowing artists to connect with their own emotions and experiences.

#29 Watercolor Rose

watercolor rose

This alluring watercolor painting showcases the timeless beauty, delicate petals, and captivating bud of rose. This simple yet complex watercolor art can enchant anyone with its elegance giving it a unique place in the hearts of admirers.

Benefits: This watercolor painting will let you cultivate patience, enhance your observation skills and bring a profound sense of accomplishment.

#30 Watercolor Animals

giraffe watercolor

This watercolor painting is for animal lovers… as it depicts the giraffe in a beautiful and realistic way. This giraffe painting embodies grace, beauty, and a sense of wonder that makes it a perfect way to the serene and peaceful nature of these beings on paper.

Benefits: This beautiful giraffe painting not only connects you with wildlife but it also enhances your color blending proficiency.

#31 Watercolor Pumpkin

watercolor pumpkin

Watercolor pumpkin painting is an art you can create during the season of fall or before  Halloween. This painting showcases ripe orange pumpkins that can be a beautiful décor option. Also this art project offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the versatility and beauty of watercolor techniques.

Benefits: This painting can be a therapeutic and meditative practice that can give a peaceful escape from the daily hustle of life.

#32 Watercolor cactus

watercolor cactus

Watercolor cactus painting is an easy painting idea that can be created by anyone, be it a kid or adult. All you need is a canvas, watercolors and brushes – to begin the journey of capturing this desert flora in different textures and shapes.

Benefits: This watercolor painting for beginners will not only work as an art therapy but it can also serve as an inspiration for other art forms.

#33 Watercolor ocean painting

ocean watercolor

For the people who love the thrashing waves and the cool air touching their frame, whose heart can not have enough of the ocean… This ocean watercolor  painting is for you. Though you can not feel the sensations, this painting will give you a reminder to venture  out and witness the beauty of nature.

Benefits: This beautiful watercolor painting knot only connects you with nature but also helps you learn how to experiment and blend various shades.

#34 Watercolor eye painting

watercolor eye

This captivating watercolor painting lets you paint the mystery of the windows of the soul. With different brushstrokes complete the beautiful painting that reflects the essence of human expression and connection. 

Benefits: This painting enhances fine motor skills, artistic abilities and sharpens observational skills.

#35 Watercolor dress painting

watercolor dress painting

When creating a painting of a person, the primary focus is on capturing the details and features of the face while painting the dress and costume is important to bring their persona to life on canvas. With this mesmerizing painting of a dress begin the journey of creating beautiful masterpieces.

Benefits: It celebrates the artistry of fashion, can help in exploring their own personal style and aesthetic preferences while fostering cross-cultural understanding.

#36 Watercolor leaves

watercolor leaves

Painting a leaf is not just about creating a leafy structure and pouring green paint, when it comes to watercolor leaves painting – it is an art which requires adding the fine details of the leaf with beautiful warm hues. You can also explore the various techniques such as wet on wet, dry brush and layering to achieve better results.

Benefits: This watercolor leaves painting can enhance your observational skills while honing your painting skills and techniques.

#37 Mushroom watercolor

mushroom watercolor painting

Mushroom watercolor painting lets you capture the beauty and whimsical charm of these toadstools through the medium of watercolors. This painting invites artists to immerse themselves in the captivating world of fungi and unleash their creativity on the page.

Benefits: This mushroom watercolor painting highlights the significance of mushrooms as symbols of renewal, transformation, and resilience. As an artwork this painting serves as a source of inspiration and hope.

#38 Tulip watercolor

tulip watercolor

This beautiful floral painting takes you to the realm of an iconic flower that is known for the symphony of colors and elegance. From the vibrant and delicate petals to the green leaves this tulip watercolor painting inspires joy and appreciation for the wonders of nature.

Benefits: This art encourages the viewers to cultivate patience, helps in artistic growth and exploration.

#39 Watercolor book

watercolor book

For bookworms! If you are looking for a painting to decorate the walls of your library or study room then this painting is the right one to create. All you need is some watercolor paints, canvas, water and brush to capture the essence and atmosphere of literary worlds for the viewers. 

Benefits: This watercolor book painting is a creative expression that connects you with your love for books.

#40 Watercolor jellyfish

watercolor jellyfish

Portray the captivating aquatic creature with watercolors and celebrate the grace of these otherworldly beings. From their fluid shapes to their iridescent hues, jellyfish are the perfect subject for painting and can be easily painted through delicate strokes of a watercolor brush. 

Benefits: This watercolor painting helps you connect with nature, letting you explore color theories and light effects in watercolor painting.

#41 Watercolor poppies

watercolor poppy

Watercolor poppies painting help you create an expressive depiction of these iconic blooms by capturing their delicate petals, intricate details, and vibrant colors. This painting offers endless opportunities for creative expression and experimentation

Benefits: These flowers are known for their bold and vibrant colors, painting these watercolor poppies lets you explore color palettes and techniques.

#42 Watercolor strawberry

watercolor strawberry

This delicious looking watercolor painting is the perfect way to capture the alluring shades of strawberries on canvas. This painting not only depicts the glossy exterior but it also portrays the delicate seeds and verdant leaves. 

Benefits: The watercolor strawberry painting can inspire culinary creativity and appreciation for the art of food.

#43 Wildflower watercolor

wildflower watercolor painting

A beautiful wildflower watercolor painting which is a harmonious blend of vivid colors and graceful strokes takes you to a tranquil  realm where you can bask in the timeless charm and wonder of nature’s bounty.

Benefits: This painting will foster an appreciation towards nature and elevate your aesthetic appeal.

#44 Cherry blossom watercolor

cherry blossom watercolor painting

The timeless elegance and mesmerizing beauty of the cherry blossoms can easily enrapture a person’s heart. Capture this beautiful flower on canvas and fill your living area with the poetic grace of these beloved cherry blossom flowers.

Benefits: This painting of cherry blossom flowers symbolizes renewal, beauty, and the ephemeral nature of life. It just does not have a cultural appreciation but it is useful in elevating the overall aesthetic as well.

#45 Koi watercolor

koi watercolor

This is an underwater watercolor painting where a koi fish is seen gliding along the waters with the shades of fiery orange, tranquil blue, and shimmering white—creating a mesmerizing display of beauty and movement. This koi watercolor painting can be displayed in a living room, office, or meditation space.

Benefits: This painting symbolizes prosperity and luck hence making it a versatile décor item that can be placed anywhere in your house.

#46 Watercolor cake

watercolor cake

This watercolor painting is a feast for eyes as it displays a cake adorned with frosting and fruits. The layers depicted in the painting evokes the aroma of freshly baked treats. Such paintings are perfect for a kitchen, dining area, or pastry shop as it adds a touch of sweetness to the space.

Benefits: This painting serves as a source of inspiration if placed in kitchen or dining areas and easily become conversation starters.

#47 Watercolor house

watercolor house

This watercolor painting showcases a calm and peaceful dwelling nestled between lush greenery. The watercolor house can inspire a sense of whimsy and nostalgia among the viewers. 

Benefits: This painting can give you a sense of stability, evokes a sense of joy, comfort, and belonging.

#48 Watercolor bunny

watercolor bunny

This easy watercolor painting portrays the cute bunny in the vivid shades of colors. This watercolor bunny painting is a beginner level painting that can be created by both novice and experts. You just need to capture the features of this bunny appropriately and you will get your bunny masterpiece.

Benefits: This watercolor bunny is a relaxing activity that can help you express your creativity while enhancing your observational skills.

#49 Watercolor elephant

watercolor elephant

Want to showcase the majestic beings of the wild – elephants on canvas? Why not use watercolor as a medium? With this watercolor elephant painting you will easily create an artwork that will highlight the expressive features of these gentle giants.

Benefits:  This watercolor elephant painting will connect you with nature while giving you a sense of joy and satisfaction.

#50 Watercolor galaxy

watercolor galaxy painting

This watercolor galaxy painting lets you portray the beauty of distant stars against the backdrop of black and various shades. This watercolor painting can evoke a sense of awe and wonder while depicting the art in an abstract manner.

Benefits: This watercolor galaxy painting sparks curiosity and ignites the imagination while promoting relaxation.

#51 Watercolor octopus

watercolor octopus painting

Capture the alien creature within a canvas by using vivid watercolors. This octopus watercolor painting will let you create an aquatic creature that can effortlessly glide through the ocean depths. This artwork brings its enigmatic allure to life in stunning detail. 

Benefits: Octopuses, the symbol of intelligence are the marine creatures when painted on canvas will give you artistic inspiration and can be an educational resource.

#52 Watercolor snowflake

watercolor snowflake

Wondering how to capture the allure of snowflakes on a blank canvas? 

Create a watercolor snowflake painting like this painting and paint the white snowflake against a colorful backdrop. With this painting idea you can easily portray the ethereal essence of snowflakes.

Benefits: This watercolor painting works as a perfect home décor that will rejuvenate your living space while providing a calming influence.

#53 Pokemon watercolor

pokemon watercolor painting

This pokemon watercolor art lets you venture into the realm of cute creatures and helps you create a masterpiece on your favorite character – Pikachu. This easy pokemon art is for everyone, for kids who like this character and for adults who want to paint their childhood memories.

Benefits: This painting is an artwork that can be displayed in a child’s bedroom, a game room, or a living area giving the space a joyful appeal.

#54 Jesus watercolor Painting

jesus watercolor painting

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” – Mark 

Yet what eternal riches shall he attain if he preserves his soul in righteousness and faith? Enter the spiritual world with this Jesus watercolor painting and nurture your soul with the radiating presence of Jesus.

Benefits: This watercolor painting provides comfort, guidance, and a tangible reminder of the enduring love and compassion of the divine.

#55 Watercolor skull

watercolor skull

This watercolor skull painting is a captivating art that showcases the depiction of both beauty and macabre. Whether displayed as a standalone piece or part of a larger collection, this painting commands attention with its enrapturing blend of artistry and symbolism.

Benefits: This art works as an exceptional decorative item that can have a symbolic meaning.

#56 Rainbow watercolor

rainbow watercolor painting

Rainbow…. A symbol of hope, beauty and diversity captivates us with its hues. And this rainbow watercolor painting celebrates the kaleidoscopic beauty of the rainbow.

Benefits: This watercolor painting can enhance your mood, spark your imagination, curiosity and wonder.

#57 Tomato watercolor

tomato watercolor painting

This vibrant painting of tomato has a juicy allure that makes it perfect for display. The plump tomato in shades of ruby red and golden yellow makes it a mouthwatering masterpiece that is also a symbol of freshness, vitality, and the simple pleasures of garden-to-table goodness.

Benefits:  This tomato watercolor painting is a visual feast that inspires culinary and is a perfect healthful reminder.

#58 Hummingbird watercolor

hummingbird watercolor painting

Hummingbird watercolor painting is an artwork where the delicate grace and vibrant beauty of these tiny birds tell tales of their flight making them a symbol of joy and freedom. 

Benefits: This painting not only connects us with nature but also promotes mindfulness.

#59 Hydrangea watercolor

watercolor painting

Hydrangeas are voluminous flowers that have a timeless elegance due to which they are often the perfect choice for garden, bouquets, and decorative arrangements. And with this watercolor painting you can capture the blooms on canvas and display them proudly in your living space.

Benefits: This painting is a wonderful seasonal décor that can uplift your sentiments.

#60 Watercolor sky

watercolor sky

The watercolor sky painting lets you explore the expanse of heavens where the marvelous colors blend into a stunning portrayal of colors and light. Capture the celestial realm with gentle brushstrokes and beautiful hues.

Benefits: This painting evokes a sense of peace and tranquility while encouraging present moment awareness.

#61 Watercolor bee

watercolor bee

Watercolor bee painting is a captivating art that takes the portrait of a bumble bee to a higher level by simply encapsulating the intricate details. The creature portrayed against a grayish backdrop creates a marvelous depiction evoking the beauty of summer day.

Benefits: This watercolor bee painting can not be an educational tool but it can also have a calming influence on the artists.

#62 Watercolor palm tree

watercolor palm tree

Tall slender trunks and large symmetrical crowns of leaves… the majestic palm trees represent a tranquil oasis. In this watercolor palm tree painting, the beauty and allure of these tropical trees are depicted gracefully with watercolors.

Benefits: This watercolor palm tree painting lets you create your own personal escape while inspiring dreams of exotic getaways.

#63 Watercolor fox

watercolor fox

In this watercolor painting, the center stage is given to a fox, depicted amidst a backdrop of rustic hues. The sleek fur, markings and piercing eyes are beautifully captured of this iconic woodland creature.

Benefits: This painting not only lets you paint a beautiful image of fox but it also helps in developing your artistic skills.

#64 Watercolor peony

watercolor peony

Peony, the king of flowers when planted, brings timeless elegance into your house but what if we can’t plant these beautiful blossoms. Then, creating a watercolor peony painting is the best option, all you need is pastel watercolors, canvas and a brush to commence your peony painting journey.

Benefits: The watercolor peony painting adds a touch of floral charm and sophistication to your living space.

#65 Watercolor turtle

watercolor turtle

This enchanting artwork captures the captivating aquatic creature – sea turtle. Whether you are a lover of marine life, an admirer of underwater beauty, or simply seeking a touch of serenity for your space, this watercolor turtle painting can transport you to a world of wonder beneath the waves.

Benefits: This watercolor turtle painting promotes a sense of inner peace while connecting the artist with nature.

#66 Watercolor moon

watercolor moon

The beautiful glow of the moon illuminating the night sky can easily spellbind anyone… and by portraying the mystical allure of the magical moon one can capture the celestial elegance.

Benefits: This watercolor moon painting evokes a sense of wonder, promotes tranquility and is a gift of inspiration and cosmic wonders.

#67 Watercolor owl

watercolor owl

Owls, which are a symbol of wisdom, intuition and foresight when portrayed on a canvas, can infuse your space with wildlife art. And with this watercolor owl painting you can paint the beautiful feathers and striking color patterns of this creature.

Benefits: This painting evokes a spiritual connection, can inspire a love of learning and a quest for knowledge.

#68 Watercolor daisy

watercolor daisy

Daisies, the simple flowers that have a yellow center and white petals, have a cheerful appearance. These flowers brighten our garden from spring to autumn by adding a touch of natural beauty. Creating a painting of these beautiful flowers can evoke the feeling of freshness.

Benefits: This watercolor daisy painting promotes happiness, positivity, and a sense of well-being.

#69 Mermaid watercolor

mermaid watercolor painting

This watercolor painting is an artwork where the mythical creature and magical wonders are captured gracefully. Get your painting supplies ready if you are a mermaid fan, waiting to capture their otherworldly beauty.

Benefits: This painting not only lets you escape into the realm of fantasy and imagination but also evokes dreams of adventures.

#70 Watercolor dinosaur

watercolor dinosaur

In this watercolor painting, a scene from the primeval past unfolds before your eyes, as a dinosaur roams amidst lush ferns and towering trees. Whether you are a dinosaur enthusiast or an admirer, this painting will let you paint the endless possibilities of a lost world.

Benefits: This watercolor dinosaur painting evokes memories of childhood fascination with dinosaurs and enhances your artistic skills.

#71 Watercolor feather

feather watercolor

Feathers, the dainty looking things that capture the details of nature’s wonders. But when it comes to painting these beautiful feathers on canvas, it is more complex than it appears. 

Benefits: The watercolor feather painting enhances your mood and artistic appreciation.

#72 Watercolor paintings of snowmen

watercolor snowman

This mesmerizing watercolor painting lets you venture into the snowy realm where a snowman awaits you with a pleasing smile amidst tall snow covered trees. Evoke the childhood memories and playfulness with watercolor paintings of snowmen.

Benefits: This art is suitable for all age groups, it is perfect for seasonal themes and is perfect for winter decoration.

#73 Daffodil watercolor

dafodil watercolor

Daffodil, the flower that represents renewal, vitality and joy when painted on canvas with watercolor not only brightens your day but fills your home with the freshness of spring.

Benefits: The daffodil watercolor painting is a symbol of spring that inspires you and encourages you to build a deeper connection to the rhythms of nature.

#74 Anime watercolor

anime watercolor painting

Anime watercolor painting is where the imagination and artistry combine to transport the viewers into a realm of adventures, emotions and wonder. Bring the magic of anime to life with watercolor hues!

Benefits:  The anime watercolor painting is for anime fans who want to enhance their home décor with a beautiful self created painting.

#75 Watercolor sun

watercolor sun

The celestial orb bathed in warm hues and luminous tones can illuminate the canvas with warmth and energy while bringing a touch of sunshine to your living space.

Benefits: This watercolor sun painting is a symbol of renewal which will give a sense of calm and serenity to both the artist and the viewer.

#76 Watercolor boathouse

watercolor houseboat

This watercolor boathouse painting is a beautiful mix of delicate hues and lines. This serene painting gives you a glimpse of tranquil waterside while adding a touch of elegance to your living space.

Benefits:  This painting can elevate your mood, enhance your ambiance and showcase your creativity.

#77 Camp watercolor

camp watercolor painting

This captivating camp watercolor painting captures the charm and natural beauty of camp life. This painting transports viewers into the realm of cozy tents and towering pines.

Benefits: This painting connects the artist with nature and inspires a spirit of adventure.

#78 Watercolor Christmas

watercolor christmas tree painting

Capture the magic of the holiday season with this watercolor Christmas painting and mesmerize the viewers. This painting is a beautiful decorative item that can infuse the space with a festive spirit and holds a sentimental value.

Benefits: This painting can be a heartfelt gift for others that can showcase your talent and creativity.

#79 Watercolor dragon

watercolor dragon painting

This is a painting that portrays the majestic appearance of the creature that rules the realm of fantasy and myths, a painting that captures not only their inspiring presence but also their magical allure and a painting that speaks volumes about the DRAGONS.

Benefits: The watercolor dragon painting serves as a reminder of your inner potential while inspiring a sense of wonder in the artist.

#80 Lighthouse watercolor

lighthouse watercolor painting

This 80 easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners features a picturesque coastal landscape where the towering lighthouse is the center of the painting surrounded by crashing waves and swirling clouds. The lighthouse watercolor painting also creates a sense of nostalgia and longing for the sea.

Benefits: This painting is a way to pay homage to these iconic structures that helps in creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Watercolor paint by number kits

Paint by number watercolor is a watercolor art that lets you create a beautiful watercolor painting without worrying about the outcomes. The painting kit will come with a pre-printed canvas, watercolor paint pots and brushes which will make the painting process easy. So, in case these 80 easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners don’t look like your cup of tea then you can opt for these kits.


As the journey of our 80 easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners guide ends here, we can conclude that when it comes to an artwork the true beauty not only lies only in the finished painting but also in the process of creating it. Once you find the watercolor painting idea that resonates with you, it’s time to embark on your watercolor painting adventures. 

So, pick up your brushes and gather your other painting supplies to push the boundaries of your creativity. Art of Paint by Numbers encourages you to discover the artist within you and create something magical!