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10 of the best advanced paint by numbers kit

10 of the best advanced paint by numbers kit

Art of paint by numbers kit makes painting an easy process. Even so, there are few compositions and scenes that require better practice and the techniques to use brushes and paints effectively. But wait, it still doesn’t get difficult. It’s just that you have to give it some time and show patience. Don’t panic and trust the process. You might not get it, in the first go. But we promise, you will figure it out. Because our first priority is our customers and their experience with us. We intend to build long term associations and attempt to offer the most ideal assistance.

We offer a wide range of paintings, from the easiest to the most difficult. Mentioned below are the 10 of the best advanced paint by numbers kit:

1. Alpine lake painting kit

Where can you find it? Alpine lake painting kit is available under “All holidays collection”

This is a painting that depicts the beauty of nature. The view is just so surreal and jaw dropping. But, let’s discuss the subtleties and the barely recognizable differences of the grass, the composition of trees, the reflection on the lake and the dazzling dusk and its beams behind the mountains.


2. Ancient Greece Goddess waterfall Mountain painting

Where can you find it? Ancient Greece Goddess waterfall Mountain painting is available under “Landscapes collection”

So do you agree with us? The mountains, rivers and waterfalls add a lot to the scenery and painting. The painting is filled with so many emotions and minute details like the leaves, plants, architecture, the flooring and what not. It may require more time and effort investment than expected.


3. San Francisco at Night – Cities painting

Where can you find it? San Francisco at Night – Cities painting is available under “Cities collection”

Have you ever been to San Francisco, the golden city? If not, you should attempt this work of art of paint by numbers and can plan a trip further down the road, whenever the situation allows. The city in the painting looks so beautiful and well composed, not only that but also represents that it’s a golden city.


4. Fireworks in Dallas Texas

Where can you find it? Fireworks in Dallas Texas is available under “Cities collection”

Firework painting is always exciting and fun, even when we realise it must have a lot of intricacies. This art of paint by numbers depicts nothing but pure happiness and celebration. The painting looks so perfect that one would want to see that happening in real life. And c’mon, we all want to go on that bridge and enjoy fireworks.


5. Indian Harmony

Where can you find it? Indian Harmony is available under “Tigers collection”

Please be honest and share your first reaction! The painting screams fearless. It looks so royal and is the perfect choice if you want to see something regular to motivate yourself. The painting has been meticulously worked out, from the Tiger, Flowers, instrument, and the clothes of the woman. It’s worth all the effort.


6. Fairy tale palace with Woman and Tiger

Where can you find it? Fairy tale palace with Woman and Tiger is available under “Tigers collection”

The name of the painting itself says something about the painting, a fairytale palace of a woman and a tiger. One cannot believe that it’s done with colour by numbers, with such detailed work. It is fearless and promotes deliberation. It will definitely help you to rethink, reconsider and teach you that you should not be afraid of anyone or anything.


7. Auguste Renoir “Bathers”

Where can you find it? Auguste Renoir “Bathers” is available under “All people collection”

Another masterpiece paint by numbers art, this is a very famous painting by Auguste Renoir, we want you to try it out with the help of art of paint by numbers. The painting depicts women having a bath in the lake. The art requires so much effort, as we see water, we know that it’s all about blending properly and that’s the main game.


8. Landscape cottage DIY painting

Where can you find it? Landscape cottage DIY painting is available under “All flowers collection”

It’s purely on blending and piece by piece work, which means a fine brush is used for the most part. The painting seems familiar to us, and it feels like we’ve seen something similar in our childhood. Also, the painting is colourful and light toned. It makes your heart happy and is pleasing to the eyes. This is a must for you.


9. Pumpkin and Cat

Where can you find it? Pumpkin and Cat is available under “Cats collection”

It gives a complete Halloween vibe and can be used as a prop for a Halloween party. This cat and his eyes look so sharp, real and perfect. We can’t ignore the details on the pumpkin. The combination of gold and black makes it more attractive. People would stop and stare at the painting for a moment.


10. House and Stream

Where can you find it? House and Stream is available under “Sunsets collection”

First, it looks so dreamy. Our dream home looks like this! And for our dream home, we definitely need this painting to decorate our wall space and make it cosy and comfortable. It feels as if we are watching this scenery live. The trees and the sunset look so realistic. The intricacies of the painting catch the eye.



Art of paint by numbers does not want you to be perfect, but want you atleast try them once. It will keep you away from various unwanted and negative distractions. We’ve got different collections of paint by numbers kit from Nature, Cities, Animal, and Flowers. The list doesn’t end here, choose the one which you find the best and you relate the most. Pick your own taste.

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